White Goods Industry:
a newly automatic production line

UPTIME Platform allows to optimize the overall equipment efficiency and the total cost of maintenance by providing accurate predictions coming from the data analysis of the operational process and of the past data.

For Whirlpool, UPTIME_FMECA analysis allowed to identify the necessary measurements and sensors that could contribute to failure modes. The UPTIME platform – combining the analysis of the historical data and an operational data continuous analysis- predicts future failures and defects and gives indications about the proactive actions. The operators adapt the preventive maintenance plan and thus reduce unexpected breakdowns and defects on the products.

A newly complex and automated production line installed
in a new location.

Historical data coming
from a previous location.

Ensures the highest quality
of the production and keeps the production equipment running efficiently.


“Thanks to UPTIME, Whirlpool knows how to implement a predictive maintenance
project in and of its factory equipment, allowing to accelerate the introduction
of Proactive Maintenance, lowering risk and cost.”

pierluigi petrali, Head of Manufacturing R&D, Whirlpool EMEA