A modular, adaptive
and scalable platform
to manage all your
assets with full insight.

There is no way around predictive maintenance if you want to improve maintenance performance and OEE in your factory. The UPTIME Platform provides innovative and reliable components which put the power of
IoT, Machine Learning and AI at your fingertips.

The UPTIME Platform gives you a competitive advantage by empowering everyone involved in your maintenance activities. UPTIME targets shop floor operators with real-time asset alerts and notifications as well as maintenance managers with real-time visualization of asset conditions, correlation analyses and actionable plans based on trusted data analyses and accurate
 predictions. The UPTIME Platform offers a unified interface to a unique combination of state-of-the-art predictive maintenance components.

Real-time sensors, business analytics, detection and prediction, decision-making and FMECA risk analysis can all be tailored to your individual needs. UPTIME’s algorithms are tuned to your processes, your experts, and your data. UPTIME transforms your operational data into knowledge which helps you improve your OEE and maintenance actions. Choose the modules which are right for you and adapt them to your needs!

UPTIME Benefits

Tailored to customers’ needs

Modular and reliable

Scalable and evolutionary