UPTIME Project

Systematically avoid damages and failures in production with predictive maintenance.

UPTIME (Unified Predictive Maintenance System) is a three and a half year project, starting in September 2017, funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 programme. The consortium consists of 11 partners from 5 EU countries. Besides research and development partners, the project is supported by innovation management partners and three end-users from home appliance industry, steel industry, and aircraft industry. 


develop methods and tools for improving maintainability and increasing lifetime of production systems

identify the need for maintenance and repairs early and perform them at the optimal time

identify and correct potential
or likely failures in advance

enables companies to avoid costly repairs and shorten or even at best prevent machine downtimes

enables maintenance and repairs to be carried out at the optimal time with the least possible effort

provides recommendations for action using state data directly from the machines in the production and legacy data