Aircraft Industry: maintenance
of a complex transportation asset

How to increase our maintenance efficiency and improve provision of dedicated information to the different stakeholders?

For FFT, UPTIME has developed, tested and deployed specific sensing solutions which gathers all relevant data during a road, ship and flight transportation cycle. Data is transferred and stored in a database via an IoT gateway which is connected to the UPTIME Platform. The platform provides multiple features and functions to monitor assets, to plan maintenance operations proactively and to report asset status on-demand to stakeholders.

Monitoring of mobile assets subjected to extreme and unpredictable environmental conditions.

Generic sensor platform especially developed with stand-alone capabilities on the edge.

State-detection and on demand reporting for different stakeholders.

The customer expects from the operational processes to become better and more efficient over time. Hence the planning of maintenance activities should become more transparent based on knowledge about the quantities to be expected for maintenance and the condition of the incoming fittings and lifting gears with the aim to reduce maintenance costs while keeping the number of fittings and lift gears as low as possible.

Condition-based as well as predictive maintenance approaches will be core technologies which will help European companies from the manufacturing and maintenance sector to increase their service level while reducing their own costs and thus to remain competitive globally.


improvement of Overall
Equipment Efficiency (OEE)


reduction of Mean Time
To Repair (MTTR)


reduction of Mean Time
Between Failures (MTBF)


reduction of unplanned plant/production system outages


extension of
component life


decrease of total
maintenance costs


“UPTIME enables our maintenance service to focus more on the primary maintenance processes by automating secondary processes such as data acquisition, processing and reporting, while continuously providing relevant data to improve all processes.”

Jeroen Versteeg, Senior Consultant, FFT Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG